Online Business Strategist and Motivational speaker Kiruba Shankar has presented over 300 talks in his career to Fortune 100 companies, leading industry conferences and prestigious educational institutions. He presents inspiring, down-to-earth programs that will get your group laughing, learning and living at their best.

Kiruba has a street-wise perspective on business, having worked with India’s first Internet company to eventually go on to build an Internet consulting firm as an entrepreneur, a business author, and an acclaimed keynote speaker.

Through stories, anecdotes, jokes, some self deprecation, and even failure and pain, he shows how businesses and people can overcome perceived limitations, set higher bar for success and reach them.

Discover for yourself the benefits of collaborative working. Kiruba’s lectures and workshops cover new ground for participants, and they leave ready to abandon existing unproductive habits for more effective thinking and practices.

As an internationally recognized leader in Online performance strategies, Kiruba delivers his innovative, unique and powerful success principles to enthusiastic audience around the globe.