Kiruba takes his commitment to his speech seriously. He understands that you have invested a great deal of time and money into your event, and would like to offer you some suggestions to make sure you receive the maximum return possible on your investment. Often times the slightest changes in ambiance and staging will greatly affect the outcome of a speaker’s presentation. The following suggestions are a result of many years of his experience at the best and worst of events. Please take time to read through his requirements and suggestions. Thank you.

Understanding the Target Audience:

Kiruba always insists on having a detailed meeting with the chief organizer of the event, either in person or over the phone. Please take the time to fill out this pre-event questionnaire This will help Kiruba understand the audience, the theme of the event and help to meet your objectives. Kiruba takes his pre-event preparations very seriously.


Kiruba will dress in business attire unless otherwise directed. He usually wears a suit and a tie. If its a black tie event, please inform in advance so he dresses appropriately.

Lavalier Mic:

Kiruba prefers to have a Lavalier mic or a collar mic. If that’s not available, the second option would be a cordless hand-held microphone.

No Podium Needed:

Kiruba does not use a podium. In fact, he hates standing behind one. He speaks from the centre of the stage. At times, he prefers to walk around, often mingling with the audience. Given that he is very energetic and mobile, he likes to have a mic that goes with him.

Audio Engineer:

Our suggestion is to have a person in-charge of the audio system to be available throughout the session. This way, if there’s a glitch in the audio, there’s someone to quickly fix it. Having good audio set up is important to have a flawless, impactful session.

Internet Connection:

Kiruba requires an Internet connection. Wired, high-speed connection preferred. Wifi works too. If there’s no connection, Kiruba will use his mobile hotspot.

Presentation Slides:

Kiruba makes his powerpoint slides in 16:9 ratio.  While he usually brings his Microsoft Surface Laptop along with him, its always a good idea to have a PC or Laptop available on hand. Usually, Kiruba tries his best to mail across the copy of the presentation a few days in advance. But he usually customizes his talk as per the audience and makes last-minute changes to the slides to make his talk more relevant to the audience. It is best not to expect it in advance. However, he will ensure that the presentation is provided well before his talk. He will hand over his presentation on a pen-drive. After he finishes his talk, Kiruba usually makes his presentations available to the audience via a download link on his website which he will share at the end of his presentation.

Digital Projector:

Any digital projector would do. We recommend a projector that has higher than 1800 lumens and the ability to handle resolutions of 1024×768.

Remote PPT Clicker:

Since Kiruba will be moving around, he insists on having a remote slide changer (PPT clicker) to change the slides. Should you have difficulty arranging one, Kiruba will bring along his personal piece. Please let him know.


Please arrange to have a bottle of mineral water. Room temperature. No ice. Please arrange to keep the water bottle and a glass on a small table placed at the side of the stage.

Pre-talk Mingling:

Kiruba loves to feel the pulse of the audience and usually prefers to mingle with the audience before his talk. He usually does this during the preceding break or for a few minutes before his talk.

No Interruptions:

Kiruba doesn’t prefer speaking during working lunches and dinner. He hates to fight with food for people’s attention! The food always wins!  It is better to slot his speaking slot either before or after food but never in-between. The same applies to beverages. Please do not serve the audience coffee or tea during his talk. Also, no handout papers or feedback forms during his session. Please wait for him to finish.

Mobiles in Silent Mode:

Before Kiruba’s talk, please announce to the audience to keep their mobile phones in silent mode so as to have no interruptions.

Well Lit Hall:

Kiruba prefers to have the entire room well lit, not just the stage. He likes to see the faces of people and loves making eye contact with the audience. It makes for a powerful connection. People remember more, laugh more and importantly, sleep less in bright rooms!


Once his talk is done, members of the audience usually would like to connect up with him. Kiruba is happy to spend time post-event to mingle with the audience.

Video Recording:

Kiruba insists that his talk is video recorded using a professional video camera. Preferably using two or more cameras. The camera crew should be aware that Kiruba constantly moves on stage and prefers to mingle with the audience to encourage interactivity. They should be able to keep up with him. Once the video recording is done, the original unedited footage needs to be uploaded on a cloud service like DropBox or Google Drive and the link shared with him.

Video Editing:

Kiruba encourages conference organizers to video record his talk unless specifically stated.  Audio and video recordings are for client internal archival use only and cannot be posted, linked or otherwise used in a public forum or venue.

Kiruba has a team in his office who will be happy to edit the video in a professional manner and send it to the organizers. If you are doing it on your own, kindly show the final copy to Kiruba. Thanks in advance.


Kiruba insists his talks be professionally photographed. He maintains an exhaustive archive of all his talks and photos are an important element. The photographer must take the following shots:
1) Photo from the back of the room that covers the audience and the stage.
2) photo from the stage that has Kiruba facing the audience.
3) Photo of Kiruba talking on the stage with the conference name seen.