Why Book Kiruba

Kiruba Shankar brings his models on Social Media, Online Branding, Reputation Management, teamwork, leadership, employee engagement to thousands of leaders each year. Consistently the top rated keynote speaker at major conferences, Kiruba shares his models and inspires his audiences through his accessibility, humor and story-telling.

His clients include Fortune 500 companies, national trade associations, professional organizations, non-profits and educational institutions. Many of these clients have invited him back because of the outstanding quality of his performances and the high take-away value.

Whether you’re rolling out a new culture initiative, developing your leaders, or seeking a thought-provoking, engaging and relevant keynote speaker for your group, we can help.

Here are the reasons why you may want to consider inviting Kiruba to speak at your event.

Experience as a Speaker:

Kiruba has been a speaker for over a decade and a half. He has presented to groups from around the world. He has spoken to large Fortune 100 clients and to prestigious universities. With Kiruba as your motivational speaker, you can feel confident in his professionalism and rely on his ability to make your event successful.

Experience in business and life:

Kiruba loves to speak from experience. His unique speaking style draws from real life examples and presents it in an engaging story-telling format. He has worked for large companies, started his own businesses and currently runs a Social Media Consultancy, an Open Source Web Development Company and a Book Publishing Firm. He has survived personal struggles, accomplished goals, gotten married, had kids, traveled and lived a rich life. This off-the-stage experience allows him to bring tremendous content and credibility to the stage.

Pre-Event Research:

Prior to events, Kiruba conducts thorough research to determine the business objectives, emotional climate and audience expectations. Kiruba ensures he spends time discussing with the event organizers to understand the needs and set the expectations. These conversation helps Kiruba in preparing a one-of-a-kind talk leveraging his expertise toward the event objectives.

Solid Content:

It’s not just about feeling good. Your group needs tools, tactics and information, all of which Kiruba delivers.

Humor and Entertainment:

The best talks are the ones that conveys a strong message sprinkled with humor. It lights up the audience and they are more receptive to the content when they enjoy the talk.

Customized Presentations:

A good presentation is not canned. Kiruba will take time in advance to ask questions and get to know your group to ensure his content is relevant. He will incorporate your theme and weave in appropriate messages.

Pre-Event Collateral:

We help organize for poster designs and video clips to send to attendees in advance of the talk to heighten excitement and engagement before the event.

Workshops & Breakouts:

In addition to motivational keynote presentations, Kiruba can present small breakout sessions to deepen the impact of his content and save you from having to hire another speaker.

Easy to Work With:

You shouldn’t have to revolve around your keynote speaker. Kiruba understands that you’re very busy and have a lot to do. He will be very communicative, show up on time and make no unreasonable requests.

Down to Earth:

While Kiruba is personable and upbeat, he won’t frighten your group with over-the-top energy and inspirational cliches. He is authentic and credible.

Upfront Pricing:

Kiruba will quote you a fee that includes all travel and expenses so you know in advance exactly how much you’ll be paying. There’ll be no surprise invoices.