Client Commitment


  • Be available to discuss plans for his speech.
  • Know what your organization does and why it does it.
  • Know why he is there and has a specific plan to accomplish your goals for his presentation.
  • Know the theme of your conference and make sure his talk is in line with the theme.
  • Understand why your audience would want to hear what he has to say on this topic.
  • Understand the topics of other speakers so that his message is not duplicated.
  • Notify you in advance of his travel itinerary.


  • Notify you when he¬†arrives on site.
  • Retire early the night before his speech so that he is well rested to give his best during his talk.
  • Be reasonable and considerate in his use of room charges and incidental expenses.
  • Be in the meeting room for a sound check at a time that is convenient with the logistics team.
  • Coordinate with the set-up or AV crew to make sure his presentation will be seamless.
  • Stay out of the way until it is his turn to speak.
  • Study your audience and the other speakers to align his message with them.
  • Be dressed appropriately, always one step more formal or business-like than the audience.
  • Provide an easy, brief introduction and be available to coach the introducer.
  • Make suggestions to the crew as to how to maximize audience impact through creative use of lights, sound, or staging.
  • Be in the room, seated, and visible to you well before his introduction begins.


  • Present well-researched, expert information on his topic.
  • Never use off-colour language or material.
  • Interact constantly with the audience and involve them through questions, a show of hands, eye contact, and exercises as appropriate.
  • Use stories and humour liberally.
  • Use appropriate PowerPoint slides to enhance the look, feel, and impact of his speech.
  • React maturely, good-naturedly, and be flexible to any problems that arise. This includes audiovisual, lights, sounds, emergencies, etc.
  • Never be rude to an audience member.
  • Allow for questions and comments from the audience during his presentation.
  • Summarize his points and help the audience to remember his key points.
  • Relate his points to your organization and people.
  • Never abuse his assignment by turning his speech into a sales pitch.
  • Only offer his educational resources if approved or requested in advance.
  • Stick to his time frame and adjust if needed.


  • Stay around after his speech briefly to answer questions or hear comments.
  • Check out and depart with minimal effort to you.
  • Invoice you promptly after the speech for outstanding items.
  • Promptly fulfil any orders or requests for his products or books.
  • Suggest strategies to continue the impact of his message during follow-up.
  • Never disclose any sensitive information about your organization.
  • Be willing to accept emails from individual audience members or leaders to ask questions after the speech.

IN SUMMARY, Kiruba will deliver an exceptionally good presentation in a highly professional manner. Kiruba Shankar proudly adheres to these accountability standards established by the Global Speakers Foundation.