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Practical, pragmatic lessons on how to earn money through speaking from professional speakers who clock above US$50,000 per year.




Speaking opportunities are plenty to come by. But getting PAID speaking opportunities, not so much. In fact, getting paid for their speeches is the number one challenge that professional speakers face. So, I decided to find solutions from people who have been successful at this. These are the Certified Speaking Professionals (CSPs) who have proven that they are able to clock a minimum of US$50,000 per year. Some go on to make a few million dollars a year. These are folks who have walked the talk and that’s why the contents of this book is invaluable if you want to build a career from professional speaking. This book is an offshoot of the ‘Global Speakers Podcast’ where I have conversations with some of the biggest professional speakers from around the World.

The Author

Kiruba Shankar is the Founder President of the Professional Speakers Association of India, under the aegis of the Global Speakers Federation. He is a global professional speaker having spoken in 21 countries. His area of specialization is how businesses can grow their profits through smart digital strategies. He draws on his two decade of experience consulting on digital projects for large global brands. You can learn more about his professional speaking at His personal website is at


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What’s the best way to learn more?

Visit and for additional information or to read Kiruba’s latest blog posts. Or if you’re ready to book a digital futurist speaker for your next event, reach out directly at +91.9841597744 or email at

What else should I know about booking Kiruba?

Kiruba has organized major conferences himself (BlogCamp, Podcamp, WikiCamp, Professional Speakers Summit, Search Summit) and so he understands how difficult it can be to pull off an event. He is rooting for you as the conference organizer and he prides himself on being easy to work with. He is accessible and flexible and his goal is to make your event a success. He’ll be where you need him to be, when you need him to be there – not only for his keynote but also for any other activities you’ve planned. As far as those activities go, he is always open to taking part in press events, promotional opportunities, pre-event webinars, book signings, or anything else you think will help drive attendance and engagement for your event. He’s also happy to write articles to be distributed to your attendees, create short teaser videos, and of course blog, tweet and share news about your event with his 100,000-member strong social media community.

How is Kiruba different?

Kiruba is an expert first, a speaker second – and his expertise comes from more than 24 years spent working at the forefront of massive change in digital media. He has consulted on digital strategies for leading companies such as Dominos Pizza, Murugappa Group, Club Mahindra, Sterling Holidays and many more. He leads a digital consulting company and has a ringside view of the changing trends. Before becoming an entrepreneur, he has been responsible for leading growth at both innovative technology companies and traditional corporations. When you hire Kiruba, you don’t just get someone who talks but someone who has walked the talk.

Who is Kiruba most similar to?

Kiruba is similar to global speakers who specialize in digtial such as Jay Baer, Mark Schaefer and Jeff Bullas.

When would Kiruba be the best fit?

As the opening or closing keynote or leading an interactive workshop. If his talk is part of the main plenary, he prefers his talk to be slotted right before the tea break or lunch break.

What results can I expect from Kiruba’s presentation?

People leave with a new appreciation for digital and social can help them make better business decisions today. In other words: While Kiruba’s presentations portray a clear vision for what tomorrow holds and surprising insights about the rapidly changing business landscape, he grounds these things with practical real world examples and highly actionable recommendations.

How will he make his message relevant to my audience?

Kiruba is skilled at making his message relevant and actionable to the audience. He will research your industry to understand the specific challenges and opportunities you face, and deliver relevant ideas your attendees can use right away. But Kiruba is also known for sparking innovative thinking by bringing “next practices”, examples, and proof points from other industries your audience might not be as familiar with, then drawing out the parallels for the audience at hand.

What is Kiruba best known for?

Kiruba is first a practitioner having led a digital consulting firm for two decades and consulted for many top companies. Kiruba is a storyteller at heart and he is best known for combining engaging real-life stories, eye-opening trend information, and visionary ideas into a customized presentation that not only shifts mindsets but also drives action among your audience members. He also has this uncanny ability to tell the difference between fads and the future, simplify the real issues, clarify the true opportunities, and distil long term vision into practical recommendations for near term results.

Who is the best audience for Kiruba’s message?

100 to 1,000 executive level business leaders who are decision makers. Typically CEOs, CMOs and Head of Sales.

When should I consider Kiruba for a program?

When the right blend of big-picture trends with practical ideas will help your audience have “a ha” moments about how they can leverage the power of digital to improve their business.
When you need an expert who has been in the digital space for over two decades and who can apply major developments in digital and social media that are specific to your domain.

What is Kiruba’s basic value proposition?

He helps business executives think about the future of digital in order to make better business decisions to improve the company’s profits.

What topics does Kiruba speak about?

Kiruba’s keynotes and workshops are purely focused on all things Digital. His topics cover Future Trends, Future of Digital Business, Digital Disruption/Transformation, Digital Innovation, Social Media, Digital Marketing, Online Reputation Management. You can look at the full list of his topics at

What if I have other event-related questions that are not covered here?

No problem. We’ll be happy to assist you with any additional information you might need. Please contact us at your convenience and ask away. You can call Kiruba at +919841597744 or email him at

Do you have any suggestions for making the event successful?

There are several things you can do to make it more likely to be successful.  Please see the checklist page for suggestions.

Will Kiruba be available for book signings after his talk?

Yes, Kiruba will be happy to stay back to sign books. Organizers can order his books in advance.

How should we get the word out about the event?

We recommend the following ways:

Social Media: Use Facebook, Twitter and Blogs as a way to reach to your audience. Kiruba will spread the word in his network.

Press Release: A joint press release can be made and passed on to the media.

Poster: Real world publicity still works. A well-designed poster placed at the right watering holes is a good way to spread the word and draw in the crowd.

Emailer : A well-designed email newsletter sent to the right target audience always works well.

Reminder: A day before the event, it is always prudent to send a reminder email to all the registered participants. It ensures better turn-out.

What other expenses can we expect if we hire Kiruba?

Kiruba is very reasonable and very professional. He does not charge for anything else apart from what is clearly outlined in the contract. The client is expected to take care of travel, accommodation, food and any informational material for the talk. If Kiruba decides to extend the trip, then he will bear that additional expense.

Why does Kiruba charge?

Thanks for asking!  The short answer is, Kiruba is a professional speaker and he charges for his expertise and time.  Many people see the cost of a one hour session and think that is his hourly rate.  Not so!  For every hour of session, he spends many hours of preparation. He distils in 24 years of work experience. There is travel time involved and there’s opportunity cost involved. Besides, speaking is part of his business and that’s why he lays a premium to his experience, knowledge and his speaking skills.

What are Kiruba’s fees?

It depends on the type of talk, the size of your organization, and other details.  When you have submitted the speaker booking form, you will get an email and a phone call to discuss this in detail. You can rest assured that Kiruba takes his speaking very seriously and focuses on providing high value to clients. Most of his speaking engagements come via referrals from existing clients.

If you have to stay overnight, do we need to book your accommodation?

Yes, please. When Kiruba spends  the night away from home he needs a good place to rest, sleep and prepare.

What kind of humor does Kiruba use?

Kiruba uses only clean, non-offensive humour that will never embarrass the audience. He humour to drive home important points. He is a strong believer that happy participants make for the best learners.

How long are the talks?

Kiruba’s talks range from 18 minutes (TED style) to 90 minutes for keynotes.  The timing can be customized.  Workshops can range from half-day (3 hours) to full day (7 hours). Based on the need, Kiruba also conducts multi-day workshops.

What topics do Kiruba speak on?

Kiruba’s primary focus is on Digital Excellence. His talks focus on how corporate firms can leverage the power of Digital. His topics include Digital Selling, Digital Innovation & Creativity and Digital Transformation. Please see the topics page for detailed information.

What happens if there is a cancellation?

If Kiruba is unable to speak due to an emergency or illness, he will arrange with you to change the date or find a replacement speaker for you. Your deposit will be refunded in full if he cancels the speaking engagement.

How far in advance do we need to book Kiruba?

The sooner you book him, the more likely it is that he will be able to speak at your event. We suggest at least a month in advance. A year in advance is not too much! If it is short notice, he will do his best to accommodate you, however, please understand that his schedule is often set far in advance.

Does Kiruba speak internationally?

Oh yes, he does. In fact, he has spoken at 20 countries that include USA, UK, New Zealand, Japan, France, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Thailand, Croatia, Oman, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Netherlands, South Africa, and Nigeria. In 2019, he is scheduled to speak in many countries. In 2020, he is planning on a speaking tour across Europe. Please do reach out to him for speaking requirements. Kiruba understands that International speaking events require visas or other legal paperwork to be completed. He and his team will work closely with you to ensure a smooth, seamless process.

Can we meet Kiruba before booking him?

Sure, Kiruba would be happy to meet up to discuss the event and learn about your expectations. This is important. In case, meeting in person is difficult, then you can schedule a telephonic call with him at +919841597744.

How will we know if Kiruba is free for the dates we’ve chosen?

The best way to is to check Kiruba’s speaking calendar. If there is no date clash, then fill out the speaker request form. It is best to book as far in advance as possible. You should hear back from his team shortly after you submit the form.


+91 9841597744

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