I’m super proud to join a kickass leadership team in organizing one of Asia’s largest events for Professional Speakers. The Professional Speakers Summit 2019 is taking place in Chennai on January 26 & 27. This is my first major initiative after taking over as the President-elect of the Professional Speakers Association of India. If you are a speaker, here are 5 reasons why attending the Professional Speakers Summit 2019 makes sense.

LEARN THE BUSINESS OF SPEAKING: This is easily the only conference in India that is solely dedicated to speakers who want to learn the business of speaking. While many are passionate about speaking, very few speakers have managed to make money from that passion. This conference will focus on helping you learn techniques on how to turn speaking from just a passion into a viable profession.

BECOME A GLOBAL SPEAKER: The theme of the Summit is ‘Speak Global’. There are sessions that are aimed at how do we break the geographical boundaries and successfully speak in other countries. You get to hear from successful global speakers like Fredrik Härén and James Taylor who have spoken all over the world.

JOIN THE TRIBE: Professional Speaking can be a lonely profession. As a speaker, we are on our own. We need a tribe to belong to. This summit will help give you that tribe. There are will be 150 passionate speakers who share the same vision and goal as you do. You will make lifelong friendships and bond with your peers.

GET REFERENCES: One of the most potent ways to get speaking gigs is through references. In order to get referred, you need to be seen and heard. Summits such as these are fantastic places to form your own network. Once a speaker has spoken at a company or conference, the organizers always ask for new references. People always like to refer who they personally know. So, coming to the summit actually makes good business sense.

BE A LIFELONG LEARNER: And finally, to be a good professional speaker, you need to be a good learner. We have two full days of fantastic plenary TED-style talks and deep dive masterclasses. You are sure to leave the summit with a notebook full of notes and action items.

Come join 150 other passionate speakers at the Professional Speakers Summit 2019 taking place at The Park Hotel, Chennai, on January 26 & 27. You can sign up for summit at https://www.psai.in/

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