As a professional speaker, I’ve given thousands of speeches in my career. Many of them at large conferences, big corporations and top universities. Yet, when I got an invite to speak at a college where my daughter is studying, things got interesting. Now, not only should I be cognizant of safeguarding my reputation, I need to safeguard my daughter’s too! And that puts on a different kind of pressure. This is a good thing because I thrive on pressure. I feed on it to push myself to higher levels of performance.

On 12th July, I’ve been invited to preside over the investiture ceremony where the leadership team of students at MOP Vaishnav college are sworn in. MOP Vaishnav has a unique student council. They mimic our own Indian electoral system. There are Members of Parliament that are elected and then they choose the Prime Minister and the berth of ministers. Fascinating system indeed. I look forward to this unique experience.

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